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Monday, April 4, 2011

Support me malayalees

This afternoon, in front of University of Kerala, Palayam, an accident took place. One JNNURM bus squeezed a bike that was on its right side at that roundabout. Though the bike got squeezed, the bike driver's timely jump onto the roundabout saved him. What followed? Crowd gathered. Traffic blocked. And I dialled 911 (Kerala Police Control room). To my surprise, Kerala Police arrived in less than a minute.

Meanwhile, the mob there was discussing the accident pretty emotionally, and their anger -- towards the bus driver -- was gaining strength. I heard one of them talking about scourging the bus driver at once; for his carelessness. All our fellow citizens backed that exciting idea. 

 Now, I couldn’t resist my feelings. I intervened and said, "Accidents can happen. Beating that driver is inappropriate." Suddenly everybody -- yes, EVERY BODY -- turned against me. A flush of questions starting from "who am I to say that" scorched. I responded to most of them but that was making our citizens angrier. Was it because of my size, or was it because I am a gym, only one pushed me, and I remember that guy who pushed me from behind ran off immediately, probably fearing my retaliation.

Anyway, by that time, our uncles at Kerala Police pulled me out. In fact, those Kerala Police uncles were the only ones who showed me some respect.

Similar was the crowd's attitude when Soumya happened. Similar was mob's reaction when Aluva murder happened. I have deep sympathy to the victims, but expressing it by violence cannot be justified. Nobody has the right to onslaught.

Well, this whole episode did piss me off. And still I am publishing this note. It’s because I want some support at least from the internet. What was my wrong doing? Why are people behaving like this? Hereafter, if any of you see somebody preventing others (even a mob) from taking laws into their hands, will you support him, oppose him, or will just enjoy the show?

I noted that all these happenings were being recorded by some chaps in their camera phones. I'll link those videos to this post if I ever find those clippings on YouTube.


PP said...

What you have shown is great courage Vivek!

Don't get disheartened!

PP said...

"koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota use perfect banana padta hai.." and u did exactly that.. be proud man!

Abhishek said...

Good Vivek! wise decision to call the police, there r different characters around us,be careful also, Do good as possible as...

Xina Crooning said...

What u did is appreciable, Vivek!!!! Remember the CEAT ad...."The roads are filled with idiots,"and that is why the mob went unruly.

vivekstanley said...

thank you all for the support

Annette said...

U have GUTS Vivek..that driver should be punished but in the correct way.

Vinay Rana said...

Good post.Love this post...!!!