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Friday, November 27, 2009

my letter to jose thettayil

This is a letter i wrote to the Minister for Transport, Mr Jose Thettayil after my first ride on the new volvos running in the Trivandrum City...let me know if you can agree with my observations...



The volvo experience Trivandrum is enjoying presently is ‘nourishing’...I had my maiden travel today morning. Sat inside the bus, and when it opened its doors for passengers on the next stop -- east fort, -- you should have seen the faces of people entering the bus...they were all thrilled, excited and overjoyed to get into a volvo...watching those many excited faces was refreshing...

Now sir,let me come to the purpose of this email. From my observation, it would be nice if the following are given some attention...

1) An official website -- with apps to get the bus timings, routs, search, maps, etc. -- should be launched, as the AC buses are targeting techies at Technopark and Tourists...both BMTC ( and MTC(Chennai) ( have excellent applications in their websites.

2) You must study the practicalities of giving free Wi-Fi internet connections for Volvo travelers; because most at Technopark have Wi-Fi enabled Laptops and mobile phones. Being able to browse during a 30 minute travel will make the volvos more attractive.

3) The target travelers of the volvo (techies/tourists/higher income groups) can all read English, but for most, not Malayalam. There are many non malayalies working at Technopark. As we are not following the coding system as in other metros, display boards in 'English alone' would be of higher utility.

4) I found the LED display boards inside the buses underutilized. Displaying the Current and Next stops would add usefulness to the travelers, apart from the currently displayed messages -- “KSRTC WELCOMES YOU ” and “DEMAND YOUR TICKET”.

5) Finally, you must take extra effort to make sure that the buses remain well maintained, let me not explain this why.

With all regards,

vivek stanley | +91 9995376400 | @vivekstanley



പീക്കുട്ടി said...

hmmm.... :)

അബ്ദുണ്ണി said...

"Both in English and Malayalam' wud be more appropriate, though it might invite some alterations to the display.

vivekstanley said...

some more valuable points to get trivandrum volvos into profit:

sree said...

wifi matram matiyo namuku oro lap koodi koduthalloooooooo

vivekstanley said...

point no 6: The minimum cost should be brought down to something like Rs. 5. Currently, short distance travelers in Trivandrum are reluctant to get into JnNURM volvos because, 10 rupees for a 2 minute ride, which would otherwise cost just Rs3.50, feels too expensive.