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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barkha Dutt & Vir Sanghvi worked unethically? I believe NO!!!

It is unethical to speak for a criminal. However, if you are an advocate, it is professionally unethical if you do not do it. It isn't ethical to do spying, but if you work for intelligence agencies, you can spy. Just like that, it isn't great to maintain good relationship with corporate lobbyists who allegedly deals with black money, but it is fine to do so, if getting news is your profession. As long as Barkha Dutt & Vir Sanghvi remains unbiased in what they report/write, these conversations does not matter.

For reasons I can't explain, I don't care for Barkha Dutt; as much as I do for my favorite Vir Sanghvi. I love Vir Sanghvi's writing, and in my opinion, he -- has been, & still -- is one of the most neutral & unbiased news analyzers in our country. I so made an effort to analyze only Vir Sanghvi's tapes.


On the first tape relating to Reliance's case, as says, Niira Radia discusses the implications of the High Court judgment with prominent journalist Vir Sanghvi.
Now what is wrong if a highly read journalist speaks to 2 agents -- Tony Jesudasan and Niira Radia -- to understand both sides of the coin. In his article dated 15 Aug 2009 -- -- Sanghvi acknowledges that he had talked with Tony Jesudasan who represents Anil Ambani, and Niira Radia who represents Mukesh Ambani, and that both sides were equally convincing. As long as his final product -- the article -- is unbiased & fair, what's the issue? Speaking with both agents only made that article more accurate!

Vir Sanghvi's phone conversation as on openthemagazine:

Vir Sanghvi's response to the tapes:

Sanghvi's blog post on Reliance dated 15 Aug 2009 which acknowledges that he had spoke with both Tony Jesudasan -- who represents Anil Ambani -- and Niira Radia -- who represents Mukesh Ambani:

In the second tape, what I understand is, Niira Radia called many journalist friends including Vir Sanghvi -- & Barkha Dutt -- to pass a message to Congress that they are talking to the wrong man; Maran. Now, can't a friend of mine asks me to pass a message to some other people I know; especially when that friend is a valuable one? Niira Radia was a credible source of news and it was professionally important for both journalists -- Barkha & Sanghvi -- to have a good rapport with that credible source -- Niira.

@sardesairajdeep conversation between source and journo is legitimate. if quid pro quo is shown, expose it. else, dont destroy hard earned reputations.
@BDUTT Radia was a valid news source for DMK camp. She gave info on Karunanidhi, and sought my analysis on what Cong may do next. Valid journalism.

The third tape made me angry. I was angered not because Sanghvi -- allegedly -- passed a message for Niira but because of the huge [black] money deals that happened inside DMK. Shocking!!!
Now I read some tweeples tweeting that if Sanghvi -- & Barkha -- knew about the huge money flow that happened in DMK & Karunanidhi's family, why didn't they bring it out? Well, a reason could be 'no evidence'.

(1) On the Reliance's discussion, Vir suggests Mukesh to do a scripted speech. I think that is Vir indirectly asking Niira why Mukesh can't come out and speak to the media. In fact the whole conversation starts with 'Mukesh talking to the media'.
(2) Towards the end of the 1st subject (talking to the media), Vir suggests helping Mukesh to write a speech. Now, don't argue that 'Vir Sanghvi' cannot help an 'Ambani' to do a speech, when speeches by most leaders are prepared by somebody else, who are sound in writing.
(3) Its almost a week since has been trending, and NDTV &CNNibn being silent sends the wrong message. There are many many many things in the tape against people like Dayanidhi Maran, Praful Patel & Arvind Jadhav which should come out. We are currently focusing on the wrong people, people!!!


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amit said...

Dear Vivek,

There is not much unethical in the tape itself, other than Vir Sanghvi proposing a scripted rehearsed interview with Mukesh Ambani. What is shocking is how they have managed to keep the matter away from the public. That is the most worrying part. If they have done no wrong, they shouldn't have had to go this extent to hide it.

vivekstanley said...

(1) I thought that scripted speech suggestion was Vir indirectly asking y Mukesh can't face the media; despite favorable circumstances unlike Anil.
(2) What 'specifically' did Vir hide in this article?
Forget the tapes. Do your personally agree with this observation of his? I think it is as unbiased as it can be, and that conversation is just Vir making up his mind on what stand to take.

sundar said...

if Maran is the wrong choice, and as is Burkha's wont, he's not wrong any more than Raja is right, as things turned out to be, thanks to Neera Radia. The sentence "I can talk to Congress" leaves nothing to imagine. This fiasco came to light not because of Bukha or Sanghvi; it came to light only because of opposition. A conversation(s) may not prima facie become culpable, but the fact that it was through other means this liaison came about is what bothering, atleast to the public, not to the Congress.

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keep writing.. gudluck..!!