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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What should we do with Ajmal Amir Kasab???

If you are given a chance, what will you do with Mr. Ajmal Amir Kasab??? This was a subject I found in one of the forums of a community in orkut, We Are Anti Terorists[WAAT]. Most of the people in that forum were not willing to give Kasab anything other than a death sentence. Probably you too will be of that opinion. If so, I have a different opinion. This is a response I made in that forum.

Hanging Kasab won’t put an end to terrorism. I won’t say that forgiving Kasab will bring an end to terrorism, but could help in the process of putting an end.

"...We were told that our big brother India is so rich and we are dying of poverty and hunger. My father sells dahi wada on a stall in Lahore and we did not even get enough food to eat from his earnings. I was promised that once they knew that I was successful in my operation, they would give Rs 150,000, to my family)," said Qasab....

further reading in - - and the video series - Kasab confession - gives me an impression that Kasab did what he did, primarily for money, and not for his hatred towards India. It was the circumstances around him, in Pakistan, that was misused by Lashkar-e-Taiba, to make people like Ajmal Amir Kasab.

If he ever repents for what he did, India should keep the option of forgiveness open as there is nothing wrong in forgiving. After all, all of us had done wrong deeds in our life, and were we always punished? Hadn’t we had the mercy of forgiveness?

i am not a pro terrorist; my attitude on terrorism is that, human rights violations by terrorists should not be responded with human rights violations.... i believe, terrorists were born out of unfortunate circumstances..... effective elimination of terrorism can be done only through the elimination of those unfortunate circumstances, like poverty, lack of education, human rights violations, etc....


പീക്കുട്ടി said...

I cannot think this humane... :(

- Pyari

prajith said...

Wow, you beleive what Kasab says? This is hilarious. Please do not try to evaluate other people's mind or behaviour based on the ideologies that are spoon fed to you from childhood.
People have different perceptions of life & Kasab is a damn killer. Fear of death is the biggest deterrent for vast majority of people not to indulge in such heinous acts & should be applied in this case if the Court feels so.

vivekstanley said...


If Kasab & his peers had fear of death, then, they would not have been here at the first place.

The point here is a prayer that some of us follow: "...forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us..."

prajith said...

I respect your opinion. But I think differently.

Suppose a terrorist goes to another man 'X' (who is just like Kasab) and makes him an offer. I see it may be a bit different depending upon the eventual fate of Kasab.

1)If Kasab not hanged & we decide to forgive him

Please kill 200 innocent people in Mumbai. I will give your family a lot of money. Do not worry if you are caught. Just repent what you did. The Indian government will feed you, take care that your rights are not violated and also there will be absolutely no physical torture meted out to you.

2)If Kasab hanged & we decide to act based on what is logical thing to do

Please kill 200 innocent people in Mumbai. I will give your family a lot of money. But never be caught. If caught they will make you see the hell & ooze out the details of co-perpetrators from you. You will be given rigorous imprisonment & hanged till death.

I am sure that option (1) will have more takers than option (2).

When Man feels no pain in Killing Innocent animals for food, why there is a moral ambiguity in meting out the same treatment to a murderous man ?

Also one more thing. I do not think terrorists are born solely out of unfortunate circumstances. If you read enough you will come to learn that certain ideologies exist in this world, which offer salvation for killing infidels & so on. But I do not want to write more on that issue here.

But I will add one more thing, it is a mistake trying to evaluate other people based on personality that we are. Anything & everything is possible in this world. It only depends on the person who thinks.